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About us


Residents of Boston’s North Shore were first introduced to Ipswich Ale during the spring of 1991.  With nearly 20 years of history behind it Ipswich Ale has been in existence longer than nearly every other craft brewer in New England. Since that time the Ipswich Ale portfolio of brands have developed into a tradition shared by not only the residents of Eastern MA, but across the state and New England.


Our President, Rob Martin, has been behind the Ipswich Brand since 1995.  Rob started as an employee of the original owners; brewing, running the bottling line, driving the delivery truck, and doing just about anything else he was called upon to do.  Rob enjoyed juggling all of these responsibilities at the brewery so much that he bought the business at the end of 1999.  A native and current resident of Topsfield, MA, Rob has lifelong relationships within the North Shore Community.

Our Beer

What sets our Ales apart is our brewing process.  We produce styles which are totally unfiltered and unpasteurized.  Through this natural brewing style the result is ale which maintains a greater level of freshness, mouth feel, and full flavor.

Our People

What sets our brewery apart are our people. In the competitive environment of the beer business hard work and perseverance are prerequisites.  All of us here at Ipswich share a great deal of pride in our products; both in the effort that goes into making them and bringing them to market.

Our Home

What sets the Ipswich Brand apart is its home.  The town of Ipswich, Massachusetts, and the North Shore in general is a region of New England unique to itself. From Newburyport, to Gloucester, down the shores of Cape Ann to Marblehead, and through all the towns in between exists an environment of great natural beauty.  Also within this region lies the heart of our business and to all of our retailers and consumers we thank you for your loyalty and support over the last 20 years.


The Ipswich Ale Brewery