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Frequently Asked Questions


How long can Ipswich Ale's be aged?

Each of our bottled beers contains an inkjet code on the shoulder of the bottle that reads "Bottled On xx/xx/xxxx".

Ipswich Ale's should be consumed as close to the bottled on date as possible. Aging our beers is not recommended because they are unfiltered and unpasteurized. 




Do you offer tours or tastings?

Sign up for a tour or tasting at the following link:



Can I buy beer at the brewery?

Due to liquor licensing, you cannot buy beer directly from the brewery.  However, we sell Ipswich Ales and 5 Mile Ales at local packys. 

If you have a special event, and would like to purchase kegs of beer, contact your local package store to arrange a pick up. 


When is the new brewery location opening?

We're brewing and bottling at the new facility now.  Keep your eyes peeled for the opening of our brew pub soon!


Are your products ok for vegans, especially the Casks?

Yes. Our beer, including our casks do not use finings or any animal products.


Where is Ipswich Ale brewed?

What sets the Ipswich Brand apart is its home.  The town of Ipswich, Massachusetts, and the North Shore in general is a region of New England unique to itself. From Newburyport, to Gloucester, down the shores of Cape Ann to Marblehead, and through all the towns in between exists an environment of great natural beauty.  Also within this region lies the heart of our business and to all of our retailers and consumers we thank you for your loyalty and support over the last 20 years.


Who owns Ipswich Ale?

Rob Martin of Topsfield, MA owns Ipswich Ale. We are a privately owned company.


How do I rent the Tabmobile for my event?

Please visit our Tapmobile page for more information.


How does Ipswich Ale brew their beer?

We produce styles which are totally unfiltered and unpasteurized.  Through this natural brewing style the result is an ale which maintains a greater level of freshness, mouth feel, and full flavor.