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Meet the Tapmobiles

Throw the party everyone will be talking about!

You have a choice, as two of our tapmobiles are retrofitted with 8 taps, while the pickup truck has 3 taps and Wallace has 4 Taps. Pick from a variety of our award-winning beers, and old- fashioned soda pops.

Great for many occasions!

Perfect for weddings, birthdays, corporate functions, or simply a backyard BBQ!


*Please send rental inquiries to or call the brewery at 978-356-3329 for rental information. 
Please include WHEN and WHERE your event will be taking place in the email.

*North Shore rentals only, Massachusetts only.

Here's the Fleet

Shag ~ 8 Taps

1948 Dodge Route Van.  Of the 39 of these models that were ever made, this may be the only one that still exists.  The engine is a Chevy 350.  It was formerly a Tom’s Toasted Nut delivery truck, and is now a favorite member of our Tapmobile fleet.


Thing ~ 8 Taps

1965 Grumman Kurbside.  Its engine is a Ford 302.  In its former life it was a Cornwell Tool truck, owned by a local Ipswich resident.  In 1991, it became an Ipswich Ale delivery truck and remained that way until it was retired in 2002. It was later converted into our first 8 tap Tapmobile. 


Big Red ~ 3 Taps

1951 Ford F-1.  The engine is a Ford 351 Windsor.  Used over the years as a pick up by various individuals and was converted into a 3 tap Tapmobile in 2007.


Wallace ~ 4 Taps

Given it's name by one of our loyal consumers, this 1951 Ford F-1  panel truck was formerly an emergency management vehicle. We obtained it from it's previous owner in Boxford and now welcome it as the newest member of our fleet!