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Our Products

Ipswich Ale

Our flagship brand, Ipswich Ale has been a North Shore favorite since 1991. From the Ipswich Original Ale, to the Oatmeal Stout, to a range of seasonal ales, there is an Ipswich Ale for all tastes.  While prevalent in the North Shore, of Massachusetts, Ipswich Ale can also be found in several states along the East Coast. more>>

5 Mile

We created 5 Mile with the sole purpose of creating exceptional beers using local ingredients. 5 Mile’s mission is to use at least 50% MA ingredients while always having at least one ingredient from within 5 Miles of Ipswich. We believe there is nothing better than supporting local agriculture to make a product that is unique to Massachusetts and the North Shore. As variable as the seasons, 5 Mile will never be the same twice. more>>

Limited Edition

Over the years we've come to find that the best way to commemorate a milestone is to brew a beer for it! Usually higher in alcohol and larger in package size, these beers were brewed to celebrate different occasions in Ipswich's history as a town and as a brewery! more>>

Stone Cat

Stone Cat, a smaller brand that we brew at Ipswich Ale Brewery was founded in 1999. Under the Stone Cat line, we brew several different styles of beer including,  Pumpkin Porter, Blueberry Ale, and our traditional Octoberfest Lager. more>>

Ipswich Soda Pop

Old-fashioned bottled sodas made in the craft brewing tradition.  Our soda is made with real cane sugar and is caffiene free. From traditional Root Beer to Blue Raspberry, try one of our many flavors at a store near you! more>>


Made with our award winning Ipswich Oatmeal Stout, this mustard is richly flavored with just a hint of sweet.  Voted #1 Mustard in the world at the Napa Valley World-Wide Mustard Competition! more>>

Cask-Conditioned Ales

When beer has completed fermentation, and before it is chilled and carbonated, it is ready to be put into a cask.  The beer is blended with a pint of wort and a handful or two of hops and is left to condition in the cask.  Cask beer is usually less carbonated and tradtionally served at room temperature. Vegans delight--we do not use any finings to clarify our cask-conditioned ales. more>>