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5 Mile Ale

Equinox Pale Ale

This medium-bodied pale ale crafted with local barley and oats from Alprilla Farm in Essex, MA culminate into a unique malty experienced that's balanced off with a citrus-like bitterness and a fruity hop palate.

5 Mile Hop Harvest IPA

Hop Harvest IPA Label

Loaded with intense hop aroma and smooth malt body, this beer delivers knockout flavor from just down the road! Celebrate our local harvest with hops from Yard 44 in Ipswich and barley from Alprilla Farm in Essex.

5 Mile Rye Saison

5 Mile Rye Saison Label

Brewed with locally harvested rye and Massachusetts-grown and malted barley. 5 mile Rye Saison mingles juniper berries and loads of American hops into a wondrously spicy dry-hopped concoction.

5 Mile Corn Bock

We harvested Marini Farm's famous corn maze to create this smooth bock. Tipping our cap to pre-Prohibition lagers, our American-style bock is rich in MA-grown barley and subtle spicy hops.

5 Mile Pumpernickel Rye Porter

5 Mile Pumpernickel Rye Porter

The Pumpernickel Rye Porter is a complex beer with an intricate array of aromas and flavors derived from substantial amounts of specialty malts.

Five Mile Stock Ale

Five Mile Stock Ale

With most of 5 Mile’s ingredients locally harvested from Massachusetts farms and with one ingredient grown within five miles of Ipswich, 5 Mile is truly a local brew.