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Ipswich Ales


A North Shore Classic, Ipswich Ale is a medium-bodied, unfiltered pale ale designed for drinkability.


Ipswich IPA picture

Our IPA is an unfiltered cross between an English and American IPA, with a strong, dry bitterness balanced with a slight malty sweetness. A mixture of first-rate U.S.

Oatmeal Stout

Ipswich Oatmeal Stout picture

Deep, rich, and malty with hints of chocolate and coffee. It's what espresso would be if it had the gumption to be beer.

Route 101 IPA

Named for the 1,550 mile U.S. Route 101 that spans the Pacific coastline, this hop forward, west coast style IPA packs a citrus-like punch with an understated malt backbone that you're sure to enjoy.

S.I.P.A. (Session IPA)

S.I.P.A. (Session IPA)

Our first session offering combines lower-than-average alcohol with higher-than-average hoppiness.

Celia Saison

Celia Saison

Celia Saison is inspired by the rustic farmhouse ales of Belgium.

Ipswich Revival

Our interpretation of a golden hued Belgian-style saison imbued with fruity yeast esters and hop aroma. Traditionally brewed during the winter months, then later released for seasonal workers.


A light-bodied, unfiltered Blonde ale that retains the bold flavors typical of an Ipswich Ale, our Summer Ale is light enough for a hot summer day and can satisfy even the most scorching thirst.

Now available in cans! 

Blueberry Shandy

Lemon and blueberry flavors brightly shine through this zesty, sweet offering. Let us change your mind about how a shandy can taste. Never filtered. Never pasteurized. Always Ipswich.

Hop Harvest

This autumnal offering is a liquid celebration of the hop harvesting season. The generous use of Ella hops impart both grapefruit and tropical fruit-like flavors to this harvest time dry-hopped American ale. 

Ruby Red IPA

A ruby red-hued India Pale Ale with medium body and bold hop flavors. Dry hopped and abounding with aroma, this red IPA is sure to be considered a rare gem.

Rye Porter

The spiciness of rye introduces our smooth new twist on a classic porter. Lush with dark chocolate aroma, Ipswich Rye Porter is a lively seasonal treat.

IPA Variety Pack

IPA Variety Pack

With 4 Ipswich Original IPA's, 4 Route 101 IPA's, and 4 Ipswich Session IPA's there's a little something for every hop-lover to enjoy.