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Stone Cat Ales

The cat is at the vet right now but coming soon, look for us exclusively in 22oz bottles!


Stone Cat Blond Ale picture

Crisp, golden blonde, and light-bodied, our Stone Cat Blonde Ale is the perfect thirst quencher.


Stone Cat Blueberry Ale picture

Our Stone Cat Blueberry Ale is a medium bodied ale with a distinct essence of blueberries. A perfect refreshment for any occasion.


Stone Cat ESB Ale picture

Our Stone Cat E.S.B. (Extra Special Bitter) isn't bitter at all. This dark, well balanced, copper-colored ale is smooth and satisfying with a malty sweetness.


Stone Cat IPA picture

Our Stone Cat IPA (India Pale Ale), just like the one the British shipped to India, is highly hopped and brewed for those who enjoy fuller-bodied ales.


Stone Cat Hefeweizen picture

This classic, unfiltered Bavarian style Hefeweizen contains aromas of clove and banana. This cloudy brew has a crisp yet refreshing profile.


Stone Cat Octoberfest picture

This malt-accented, amber-colored lager is brewed in the Munich Festbier tradition with all Vienna malt from Germany and is the ideal brew for those crisp, New England autumn days.


Stone Cat Pumpkin picture

This traditional brown porter is made with real pumpkin and a touch of pumpkin spice. The combination of sweet caramel malts, cloves and nutmeg make this a perfect brew for the fall season.


Stone Cat Scotch Ale picture

This full-bodied, Scotch style ale is packed with malty caramel notes and is balanced out by a roasted malt characteristic. Its perfect served in a snifter after dinner!

Winter Lager

Stone Cat Winter Lager picture

A delicate and dark lager brewed in the southern German Schwarzbier tradition.