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 Contract BREWING Questionnaire 

Get in touch so we can start working together.

Are you licensed as a Brewer, Wholesaler, or Manufacturer?
What are your distribution channels?

What package would you like them in? Choose all that apply. Be specific.

Keg – choose all that apply (must be American Sankey)

If you will be canning your beer, who is manufacturing your packaging material?  We are happy to provide vendor contacts if needed.  4pk, 6 pk, and 12 pk cartons need to be produced at RTS.

What size batches do you plan to make?

For each beer you plan to make, please be prepared to answer the following questions.

  • What is the grain bill? Please include the brand, amount, batch size and OG

  • What hops will be used? 

  • Are you providing hops or will we?

  • What yeast would you like to use?

  • What is the mash temp, fermentation temp, target FG?

  • Will this beer be dry-hopped?

Thanks for submitting!