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Our Beer

Ipswich Summer Ale

Ipswich Summer Ale is a great thirst quencher to beat the summer heat! This limited summer release starts with a clean blonde ale and is dry-hopped with Mosaic for a subtle tropical and stone fruit note. Coming in at 4.9% ABV, it’s the perfect beach and backyard BBQ beer to stock your cooler with.
4.9% ABV

Available in 12oz cans 6 & 12pks

Ipswich Original Ale

A New England classic, this is a medium-bodied, unfiltered English-style pale ale with subtle earthy hoppiness and smooth malty flavor.
5.4% ABV

Available in 12oz cans 6 & 12pks

Ipswich Route 101 IPA

This hop-forward, west coast style IPA packs a citrus-like punch with an understated malt backbone.
6.0% ABV

Available in 12oz. cans 6 & 12pks

Ipswich 1620 New England IPA

Hazy with a rainbow of hop aromas and flavors, this New England-style IPA features Mosaic, Citra, Amarillo, and Idaho 7 hops, with a full body that is sure to please.
6.3% ABV

Available in 16oz. cans 4pks

Ipswich Ale Lager

Our American Lager goes down easy and drinks light and crisp with a subtle kiss of American Cascade hops. Leave the complications behind with this approachable lager.

4.5% ABV

Available in 12oz. cans 6pks

Ipswich Ale Pilsner

There's no question about it. If you are looking for a refreshing light craft-brewed Pilsner, ours is a ray of sunshine. Golden pale color with malty sweetness made with traditional Czech Saaz hops. 4.6% ABV

Available in 12oz. cans 12pks

Ipswich Ale Oatmeal Stout

Deep, rich, and malty with hints of chocolate and coffee. It's what espresso would be if it had the gumption to be beer. 7.0% ABV

Available in 12oz. cans 6pks

Ipswich Ale G Free

Our gluten-free saison is a sorghum-based offering inspired by the rustic farmhouse ales of Belgium.

The addition of zesty dried Curacao orange peel coupled with peppery notes from our special Belgian yeast results in a complex, yet quaffable saison. 6.5% ABV

Available in 12oz. cans 4pks


Ipswich Ale IPA

Ipswich IPA is a cross between an old-school English IPA with a bit of an American twist on it. This unfiltered IPA pours a medium amber color and drinks malt forward with a pleasant and balanced bitter finish.

Available in 12oz. cans 12pks

Ipswich Ale Variety Pack Square.png

Ipswich Ale Variety Pack

Enjoy a variety of your favorite Ipswich brews all in one 12-pack! This variety pack features our Original Ale, IPA, Pilsner, and Route 101 West Coast IPA. 

Available in 12oz. cans 12pks


Ipswich Ale Cranberry Beret

A delightfully tart kettle-soured ale fermented atop pureed fresh cranberries. 5.0% ABV

Available seasonally in 16oz. cans 4pks

Ipswich Oak & Ale

The first release in our next series, barrel aged beer. This limited edition pastry stout has strong flavors of chocolate nibs, vanilla, and the bourbon barrel which it’s been in for 10 months. A delightful slow sipper to cap off the evening with some good company.  11.5% ABV

Available in 16.9oz glass bottle


Essex Country One Drop IPA

One Drop is our interpretation of the modern American IPA. It pours a slightly hazy golden straw color and drinks medium-bodied with an earthy medium bitterness. Notes of citrus, pine, and berry round out this classic IPA.  6.0% ABV 

Available in 16oz can 4pks 

One Drop sq.jpg
judah sq.jpg

Essex Country Judah Double IPA

The Essex County flagship double IPA with a fruit complexity of pineapple, peach, and mango. 

8.0% ABV

Availble in 16oz cans 4pks

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