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Ipswich Ale Brewery Announcement

Friends and supporters of Ipswich Ale Brewery,


As the beer and beverage industry continues to evolve and present challenges, we are poised to pivot with our business and adopt to the ever-changing beer landscape. We are very pleased to announce a partnership with our friends up the street at Riverwalk Brewing in Newburyport who will be producing our beer for us going forward. Our current facility was designed for a capacity that is underutilized, and is the driving force behind our decision for this change.


We are excited for the opportunity to work with the team at Riverwalk who have a shared vision for community and a commitment to quality. This partnership offers great opportunity for collaboration, and we are grateful for their willingness to align our businesses as we build a strong union for a successful future. This partnership will allow us to focus on strengthening the brand and evolving our business models for success together.


Please know that during this transition there will be no gap with your favorite Ipswich beers being available in the marketplace and at our very own Brewer’s Table. We look forward to Ipswich beer being available for many years to come and being better than ever! We also plan to resume brewing in the facility on a smaller scale, making interesting small batches and limited offerings. Stay tuned for more information…


With 32 years of history, Ipswich Ale Brewery has been an important pioneering figure in the regional craft beer industry and a big part of the fabric of the North Shore community. Many people have fond memories of their first sip of Ipswich Ale as their first experience of truly flavorful beer and ultimately helped beer lovers understand the full possibility of what the beverage could be. The brewery is proud to have served as a mentor to many in the local brewing community who would go on to work in the industry, including several who would take the leap into starting their own breweries.


We ask for your continued support, and please continue to purchase Ipswich at your favorite local package store, restaurant, or bar.


Thanks to all of you for your support over the years, and we look forward to continuing the legacy.



From the Ipswich Brewery Team.


32 Years of Brewing

Residents of Boston’s North Shore were first introduced to Ipswich Ale during the spring of 1991. With over 30 years of history behind it, Ipswich Ale has been in existence longer than nearly every other craft brewer in New England. Since that time, the Ipswich Ale portfolio of brands have developed into a tradition shared by not only the residents of eastern Massachusetts, but across New England.In January of 2016, the Ipswich Ale Brewery opened their onsite restaurant the Ipswich Ale Brewer’s Table, which features 15 tap lines and a diverse menu with a mix of tastes ranging from brewpub to New American cuisine.


merge for a better brew

A new merger between Essex County Brewing Company and Ipswich Ale Company is shaking up business, but not the brews they’ve become known for.

The brands are calling the move a “Craft Brewing Alliance” that will combine operations at Ipswich Ale’s brewery and taproom at 2 Brewery Place in Ipswich over the next few months.

While the deal will leave Essex County Brewing without its own taproom, which it currently has at Mills 58 on Pulaski Street in Peabody, co-founder Paul Donhauser said it’s an exciting new venture for him and his team.



James (Jim Jamz) Dorau
Director of Operations

1963 Valentine’s day in quiet hops field a child is born. Not an unusual event…but this child had a full beard. Raised by wolves in the outer most reaches of Richardson, Texas James grew to worship the taste of beer. It wasn’t long before he left the den and headed north in search of the perfect brewery. For years he roamed from town to town solving crimes and breaking hearts only to hear the somber sound of the road calling to him and for his quest to continue. Finally in 1999 he became the Head Brewer at Ipswich Ale Brewery and the rest is history.


When Jim is not drinking beer he enjoys spending time with family, restoring an old house, and singing sea shanties with The Portermen


Myles Eason
Brewer's Table GM/Chef

A Food and Beverage Industry veteran with 40 years of cooking and management, Myles grew up on the Northshore and has worked his way along the east coast from Maine to Florida and the Caribbean as well. With experience and influences from Sicily to Northern Italian to French to Pacific Rim and West Indies, these flavors can often be found front and center on his eclectic menus or carefully incorporated into modern day classics. "With such a diverse beer portfolio there was no way to stick with just pub fare...I had to take it up a notch to have the dining experience match the amazing brewery space and cool beer vibe" 

Myles is a Pisces who enjoys long walks on beaches and puppy dogs. 



A lifelong North Shore native, Ipswich has been his local go-to brand since its inception in ‘91. In April 2018, he joined the Ipswich team with eight years of beer wholesaler experience - most recently serving as brand manager. He received his certificate from the Siebel Institute in 2009 after successful completion of the concise brewing course, and became a Certified Cicerone in 2012 – although you’d be hard-pressed to get him to admit this. After years of exploring the myriad of beer styles out in the wild, these days he has special reverence for clean and elegant beers brewed true to style.


Chuck has more guitars than he’d care to admit, and always has his ears open for something tasty to listen to. Is it Bruins season yet?


Jim Beauvais
Production Manager

Jim founded Ipswich Ale Brewery in 1991 with business partner Paul Sylva. In 1999, he left Ipswich Brewing. Over the years he worked with startup breweries such as: Flying Goose Brewpub of New London, NH, Shinano Brewing Company in Nagano, Japan, and Pirate Republic Brewing Company in Nassau, Bahamas.


In January 2018, Jim returned to Ipswich Ale Brewery as the Production Manager. He’s climbed all but one of the 4,000-footers in New Hampshire.

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