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Chucktober Fest

This festive beer is our spin on the German amber lagers produced in Munich to celebrate Oktoberfest. This approachable lager falls somewhere in between a festbier and a marzen style with biscuity malt goodness from traditional German malts balanced with delightful noble hop finish. The result is a deliciously drinkable liter. 
6.1% ABV

Voted best regional and national 2022 USBTC entry in the Vienna/Marzen category!


Ipswich Black Raven Nitro Dark Lager

Toasty aroma, slightly malty flavor, and chestnut brown in color. Add that to some molasses sweetness and the nitro style for a smoooooth, creamy finish

4.3% ABV 16oz -$7


Ipswich Sunspot Sour

Our new summer kettle sour is bright and bracing with citrus flavors. Fermented with blood orange and grapefruit puree, this tart and refreshing sour smacks with citrus goodness and subtle tropical and tangerine notes. Pucker up buttercup! 4.0% ABV 13oz - $7 


Ipswich Summer Ale

No fruits. No spices. Just an ideal blend of pale malt, Cascade and Mosaic hops. An unfiltered blonde ale that is a perfect addition to our favorite time of year here in Ipswich!
4.9% ABV 16oz -$7 


Ipswich Blueberry Shandy

Lemon and blueberry flavors shine through this zesty, citrusy, sweet offering!
Perfect beer for
a summer day.
5.4% ABV 16oz -$7 

Ipswich 1620 New England IPA

Hazy with a rainbow of hop aromas and flavors, this New England style IPA features Mosaic, Citra, Amarillo, and Idaho 7 hops, with a full body that is sure to please 6.3% ABV 16oz - $7

Ipswich American Lager

An exceptionally delicious and highly rippable lager! Pours a bright golden color with notes of sweet fresh hay on the nose. Malt sweetness and a clean finish make this an easy lager to throw back a few 4.5% ABV 16oz -$6

Ipswich Original Ale

A New England classic, this is a medium-bodied, unfiltered English style pale ale with subtle earthy hoppiness and smooth malty flavor

5.4% ABV 16oz $7 

Ipswich Route 101 IPA

This hop forward, west coast style IPA packs a citrus-like punch with an understated malt backbone

6.0% ABV 16oz -$7 

Ipswich Pilsner

There's no question about it. If you are looking for a refreshing light craft-brewed Pilsner, our is a ray of sunshine. Golden pale
color with malty
sweetness made with
traditional Czech Saaz hops.
4.6% ABV 16oz - $7

Ipswich Oatmeal Stout

Deep, rich, and malty with hints of chocolate and coffee. It's what espresso would be if it had the gumption to be beer 7.0% ABV 16oz -$7

Ipswich Wit & Wisdom

Our homage to the Belgian Witbier. Slightly hazy straw color in appearance, citrus aroma with subtle notes of coriander and pepper. Are you “wit” it?

4.9% ABV 16oz -$7

Chinwag English Dark Mild 

Pours chestnut brown with a hint of light coffee on the nose, drinks light bodied with a slightly sweet malt finish and no perceived bitterness. Have a Chinwag while you have a chinwag! 4.2% ABV 16oz - $7 

One Drop Single IPA

16 oz. Cans Only

One Drop is our interpretation of the modern American IPA. It pours a slightly hazy golden straw color and drinks medium bodied with an earthy medium bitterness. Notes of citrus, pine, and berry round out this classic IPA 
6.0% ABV 13oz - $7 

Judah Double IPA 

The flagship in the ECBC lineup. This formidable double IPA pours a hazy light orange, drinks medium bodies and reveals slight candied fruit sweetness mid-palate. Notes of peaches, mango, and stone fruit shine through on this highly approachable double.
8.0% ABV 13oz - $8.50 

Symposium Session IPA 

If One Drop had a little brother, Symposium would be it. A session IPA that's lighter bodied and goes down easy with a softness on the palate from the wheat addition. All the tropical dry hop notes are there in a lower alcohol option.
4.5% ABV 16oz - $7

Sympopsium sq.jpg

Illume Pale Ale

Illume Sq.jpg

A juicy and hazy twist on a pale ale. Illume pours light straw in color and drinks soft and medium bodied on the palate. Bright tropical, melon, and mango notes put a delicious New England spin on this pale.
5.7% ABV 16oz - $7.50

16 oz. Cans Only

Ipswich Oak & Ale 


The first release in our next series, barrel aged beer. This limited edition pastry stout has strong flavors of chocolate nibs, vanilla, and the bourbon barrel which it’s been in for 10 months. A delightful slow sipper to cap off the evening with some good company 
11.5% ABV 16.9oz - $20 

Ipswich G-Free


Our gluten free beer with spicy flavors of sorghum is complimented by the blend of our Belgian yeast strain as well as the additions of Curacao orange peels and Celeia hops 
6.5% ABV - $5




Peach and Berries

Late Summer Sangria ~gf 

Whole blackberries, raspberries, fresh lemons, and fresh oranges soaking with sliced peaches make for citrusy refreshing adult bevies. Topped with a splash of sparkling water and served over ice in a pint glass - $10 

Ipswich White Wine 

An American Chardonnay blend that has all the best properties of the varietal with a crisp, citrusy start and a smooth stone fruit finish. Glass -$9, Bottle - $36 

Ipswich Red Wine

A traditional blended red wine with syrah, merlot and cabernet with deep color, pleasant aromas of blackberries, cherries, and ripe plums that linger lightly on the palate with a faint oak finish.   Glass -$9, Bottle - $36 

Ipswich Rosé

This light-bodied rose has aromas of white cherry and strawberry which lend themselves to a beautiful, firm acidity that finishes with a delicate dryness. 

Glass -$8, Bottle - $32 



Classic Flight, $10


Original Pale Ale

Route 101 West Coast IPA 

Oatmeal Stout 

IPA Flight, $12 

Illume Pale Ale 

Route 101 West Coast IPA 

1620 New England IPA 

Judah Double IPA 

No Bite Flight $10 

American Lager 

Wit and Wisdom 

Blueberry Shandy 

Sunspot Sour


Special Brew Flight $1


Wit and Wisdom


Black Raven Nitro Dark

Wine Flight

White, Rosé, Red & Sangria - $14


Pigeon Cove Kombucha 

Spicy Pome 4.5% ABV 16oz can -$9 

Dark Berry 4.5% ABV 16oz can -$9 

Hibiscus Ginger (Non Alcoholic) 

12oz can -$6

Bottled Soda, $3 

Maine Root Root Beer 

Maine Root Orange 

Maine Root Lemon-Lime 

Maine Root Cola (contains caffeine) 

Diet Pepsi (12oz Can)

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